Alden Johnson

For Mississippi's 4th Congressional District

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Alden believes that insurance companies unnecessarily drive up the cost of healthcare and prescriptions. Practices such as Primary Direct Care, which benefit both the healthcare provider and the patient, should always be an option.

Jury Nullification

Jury nullification is the inherent power in a criminal trial to refuse convicting a defendant if the jurors are convinced such a conviction would be fundamentally unjust. Jurors should always be informed of this option before being assigned to a criminal trial. It can prevent miscarriages of justice.

National Defense

National defense should mean just that: defense. It’s time we stop trying to be the world’s police. Antagonizing other countries regularly does not make us any safer.


While Alden realizes that oil and gas are not going anywhere, he fully supports expanding nuclear energy. In this day and age, it is cleaner, safer, and can produce enormous amounts of electricity.

Criminal Justice Reform

Alden believes if the “crime" has no victim, then there is no crime. Possessing a plant, braiding hair without a license, and collecting rainwater should never have been crimes in the first place. It’s time to put opportunity and power back in the people’s hands.

Jobs and the Economy

Alden believes if the government just got out of everybody's way, there would be a lot more opportunity for everyone. The vast majority of entrepreneurs and workers should not be required to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of their time getting certified and licensed by government agencies. Government does everything it can to restrict prosperity. Let the people work!


Alden supports the elimination of the income tax, both in Mississippi and federally. He believes in reducing the role, size, and scope of government as much as possible and the subsequent reduction of as many taxes as possible.

2nd Amendment

Alden fully supports repealing the NFA and abolishing the ATF. Prohibition only encourages a thriving black market. Rights are not just privileges. Felons who have paid their debt to society and pose no threat to the general public deserve the ability to protect their families via firearm ownership.